How can 3D scanning
with an iPhone be used

for my application?

3D scanning is already used as a very successful solution in a wide range of industries. We have listed some of the key areas below, but in fact the applications are virtually limitless.

The fashion industry has already embraced 3D scanners, using them to acquire accurate body measurements for creating tailored apparel. In retail, 3D scanning unlocks new potential for in-store and online shopping with the emergence of virtual fitting rooms: shoppers can use their own 3D avatar, based on their personal body measurements, to try on new clothes at the click of button and view the results in 360 degrees.
3D scanning has a variety of applications in healthcare. These include monitoring the body shape to identify potential medical issues and capturing highly detailed 3D models of limbs to create customized prosthetics. 3D scanning is also widely used to measure the healing process in skin by capturing the damage in 3D, providing high detail and vivid colors.
Fitness and body shape monitoring
Getting fitter has never been easier and more fun. 3D scanners are used in fitness to track a person’s progress by capturing accurate body shape metrics, posture analysis and many other vital health indicators that can be used to model individual changes. This 3D visualization of personal progress can be extremely stimulating for fitness fans.
Avatar creation
The gaming industry is a clear winner for 3D scanning. The entertainment industry has long been using 3D scanners for creating special effects in blockbuster movies and realistic avatars for games. Now anyone can use this technology to 3D scan their face, make their own personal avatar and play themselves in their favorite computer game.