Creating custom 3D apps
for the iPhone 3D scanner

A whole new dimension of data

How we can help you
use 3D data from the iPhone X

Provide a whole new user experience, incorporating new Human Interface Guidelines

Our experienced team of 3D software developers will help you capture and use the wealth of 3D data provided by the iPhone X 3D scanner for a never seen before user experience. Whatever your requirements, we can design cutting-edge applications for the iPhone 3D scanner that integrate seamlessly with Apple platforms and your existing applications.

Introduce new functionality and position your app at the forefront of new technology

Millions of iPhone users are ready and waiting for iPhone 3D scanning apps. You can make use of this brand new technology to develop and expand your business. We can help by customizing your existing app, adding 3D features, or designing something entirely new to engage with your clients on a whole new level.

Customize your app
with 3D features

Add a wow factor to your app and use the pioneering iPhone 3D scanner to engage with your clients on a whole new level.

Our customization allows for:

Meeting the needs of your customers
by offering cutting edge, custom iOS apps

Getting a tailored look and feel
by featuring company logo and branding

Specific 3D functionality for a customized
buying process or workflow

Add that special wow factor
to your app

Security features for sensitive
or private company data

Custom feaures for partners,
dealers, or franchises

Why Artec 3D?

10+ years on the market, we develop the world’s leading
handheld 3D scanners, biometric facial recognition systems,
and innovative 3D scanning and data processing software.

Our company is made up of passionate, forward-thinking professionals, experts in 3D hardware
and software, and with over a decade of experience in the 3D technology market, ours is the name
you can trust.


Capturing and processing
3D data

Developing proprietry
3D algorithms

3D software

Artec 3D testimonials

We are very satisfied with Artec and its products.

Gregory Holmes

Remarkable technology.

Matthew Marks
Mayo Clinic

Super products!

Peter Claes

Artec 3D, we are very enthusiastic about your products and hope to work together for a long time and make beautiful things!

Marije Van Der Windt
Studio Contrast

This company really is cutting edge.

Michael Miller
Boxx Imaging

The service is very helpful and all of our problems could be solved.

Tom Rass,

Rass Specialsportshuhe

Good company and good products

QLD Police

Excellent Service!

Kevin Bourne,

1-4-U Media Services Ltd

Absolutely happy with Artec products. Fast. Easy to use. Fantastic results. Undoubtedly the best scanning systems in the class! Keep on building to next levels!

Boyan Pehlivanov,

B2N | 3D Happiness

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